List of writers that have successfully won a caption contest contributing to Cartoon Zoo.

Winning contributor that has eight captions in the Cartoon Zoo collection: Ashley Huttinger

Winning contributors that have four captions each in the Cartoon Zoo collection: Bryan Hollister and Paul Olson

Winning contributor that has two captions in the Cartoon Zoo collection: Dutch Vanderpool

Winning contributors that have one caption in the Cartoon Zoo collection: Toby Standefer, Dennis Watts, Aaron Blaise, JoLynda Watts, Cari Allen, Lance Batchelder, Andrew Raby, Clark Vanderpool, Michael David Foster, Jeanice Birch and  Bill Heath.

Currently there are 29 cartoons in the Cartoon Zoo collection and gallery. (Last updated on October 25, 2017)

We would like to thank all those that have contributed. Thanks for your support!