About Cartoon Zoo

Cartoon Zoo creates and publishes cartoons. We are focused on community, growth and audience engagement. Our content is considered family friendly. Our quick elevator pitch:

In years past cartoonist could make a sustainable living through newspaper syndications. However, today, newspaper publishers are in serious trouble. Cartoonists need a new viable platform to deliver their humor to the public. Cartoon Zoo hopes to build a platform working with today's technology to engage with an audience. Bringing cartoonists, writers and audience together is our primary focus. The world always has room for more humor.

What We do Today

Cartoon Zoo creates daily comics, family friendly content, we crowd source the captions. We draw a cartoon panel, our audience and community write the captions. We review the captions submitted and vote on the winning caption. We also list the honorable mention writers with each cartoon. If you would like to be part of the voting process, sign up.

The winning author for each cartoon will share copyright privileges along with the artist for the published cartoon. Winning writers will be notified that their caption has been chosen. Winning writers will also be given credit each time the cartoon is posted and or published.

Cartoons are illustrated by Travis Foster and published by Cartoon Zoo

About Cartoon Zoo founder Travis Foster

Travis Foster is an established humorous illustrator with clients such as Amazon, Target, Sony, Dell, Sprint, Disney, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Chronicle Books. Travis Foster Studio was established in 1989. Travis and Sara live in Nashville, Tennessee. 

To contact Travis Foster please email: travis@travisfoster.com